Design of an event reservation application with email confirmation and waiting list.

Throught PowerApps, Power Automate and Power BI

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19 Septembre 2022

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Nabeel Ahmad

The purpose of this application is to allow a user to book a session, a training and to be notified by mail.

The application will also book an event in his calendar.

If unfortunately there is no more room for this event, the user can still register and he will be in a waiting list. Depending on the order, when a place becomes available, the next user will be notified that he/she will be attending the event.

The application administrator can create a training catalog and then create sessions through his interface.

He will also be able to have statistics on the attendance rate, the number of free places, which session is the most attended.

Adapt to the remarks received during feedback.

To do this, we used Power Apps for the application, Power Automate for the flows and Power BI for the graphics.

For data storage, we chose Sahrepoints lists.

In this application, we will have an interface for users and their own statistics and another admin who will have a global view.

We have a login module for the administrators. We have adapted this solution by adding the RLS for the different services.

A feedback module that allows the administrator to adapt his sessions.

The flow for this application is the following:

The administrator creates a catalog of events (trainings, sports courses, … ).

Then he will create a session by choosing in the catalog, his event, he will simply add the date and time.

After validating, the user will be able to see and select it.

The user will be able to see who has already registered, if the session is full or not.

He will then decide if he wants to participate or not. A user will receive a notification by mail telling him that his registration is taken into account or if he is in the waiting list.

In his calendar, a slot will be created automatically with a reminder.

One day before, he will receive an email reminding him of the session and the instructor will receive (4h) before an email with the number of participants.

– A PowerApps application
– 3 Power Automate flows (invitation, Registered Candidate, Waiting Candidate)
– 5 Sharepoint lists (Registered_Training; Training requested; Waiting Requestors list; Catalogue and Feedbakc)

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